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About Us

Natural Color Diamonds have always been reserved for the royalty for centuries. Back in the early 1980’s my great Uncle Kurt was the journalist for King Baudouin of Belgium. It was this connection that introduced my father, Jeff Pancis to natural color diamonds. From this point forward our company became known for our expertise in natural color diamonds throughout the diamond and jewelry industry. Our company began to import and manufacture loose natural color diamonds from the inspiration of King Baudouin and his cutter.


This image is a photograph of the Journalist to the king, Kurt Gruenebaum and King Baudouin taken in 1969. Kurt Grunebaum is pictured on the far left speaking to King Baudouin on the far right.

This image is Jeff and Audrey Pancis with their son Kyle Pancis. Taking on the legacy of Natural Color Diamonds.


Kyle was named after his Great Uncle Kurt and has a mission to spread the beauty, knowledge, and rarity of natural color diamonds through the elegant designs that Rarest Rarest Rainbow Fine Jewelry has to offer.

Rarest Rainbow provides beautiful designs for our customers to enjoy the rarity and uniqueness of natural color diamonds. With our history, we believe it is our duty to allow those who like to be unique to have the opportunity to appreciate my family's legacy.

Our mission is to transition the art of fine jewelry with natural color diamonds. Natural color diamonds are rare, always one of a kind, and no two colors are ever the same. These attributes allow us to create an identity of wearing traditional jewelry while being unique to every client of ours. 

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